Selected proposal of the offer of University of Security

The University of Security carries out a mission of educating highly competent safety managers. Except for undergraduate courses, we also offer a variety of postgraduate diploma programmes which are addressed to individuals with a bachelor’s, master’s or engineering degree. All lectures and seminars are conducted by qualified specialists.

Selected proposal of  the offer of University of Security:

National security

Bachelor’s studies – specializations – e. g.:
  1. Forensic science with the elements of countering crime
  2. Information safety administrator (ABI) – postgraduate diploma in information safety management

Master’s studies – specializations – e. g.:

  1. Pubic safety
  2. Airport security
  3. Mediations and negotiations in crisis situations
  4. Psychology in safety management

Internal security

Bachelor’s studies – specializations – e. g.:
  1. Anti-terrorism security
  2. Occupational safety and health with methodology
  3. Food safety
  4. Social dialogue

Health security

Bachelor’s studies – specializations – e. g.:
  1. Food security
  2. Quality and security systems


Bachelor’s studies – specializations – e. g.:
  1. Education for safety
  2. Postgraduate certificate in education
  3. Pedagogical intervention
  4. Tutelary and rehabilitation pedagogy


Specializations (e. g.):
  1. Occupational safety and health management (auditor certificate)
  2. Emergency medical services – first responder
  3. Investigation and industrial espionage
  4. Investigative journalism
  5. Historical and business tourism services
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